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What Do We Offer?

We work with industry-leading brand names including Axis Communication, Hikvision, Exacqvision, Liftmaster, Linear and Aiphone to name a few. Whether it is a large scale project or a small one, our guys are well-capable to meticulously handle both with perfection. Our team possesses the skills and expertise to design any solution to perfectly meet your needs such as integration of access control with the security camera system, intercom for the main office door, telephone entry and barrier gate operator to provide safe and convenient access to the residents or visitors of the premise.

Expert TV Installers & TV Mounting Services

We provide commercial custom AV solutions that will establish an interactive and collaborative environment for any type of organization. At KBA Tech Inc. we believe in helping our customers from start to all the way to the finish line by handling everything from basics to installation.

We have an extensive range of audio solutions ranging from small audio conferences to big PA systems. And when it comes to our visual systems, the easily operable, eye-appealing lightning and shade control, video walls or the projection systems will simply catch the attention of your visitors.

Just sit back and relax, our flexible and visionary team of the designer will make sure to provide you with impeccable office space. And once the installation is complete, our BASA certified technicians would also train your staff for the proper use of the systems.

CCTV Security Camera Systems & Installations

The use of video security has been the most widely used solution for the monitoring and protection of businesses around the globe. The team of highly skilled individuals at KBA Tech have been designing, installing servicing the video security systems for more than 10 years.

We are proud to say that we have helped in protecting thousands of people and their properties from various potential threats. The days of those blurry, grainy and unrecognizable video capturing devices are gone, we leverage cutting-edge Hi-Definition IP technology for superior image quality and high megapixel video footages.

Home Theater Installations

What’s better than a cinema hall and a box of popcorns? A home theater, your comfy couch, and a box of popcorns! We can help you set up a one-of-a-kind audio and video system for your movie nights anywhere in your home. And the best part? We do all of that on a budget!

KBA’s highly resourceful team of technicians and designers, who are also movie buffs, will go above and beyond to squeeze every penny out of your investment.

We have been designing and installing home theaters for several years, so we know exactly what needs to be done to set one up quickly and without going over the budget.

Access Control & Telephone Entry Systems

Take total control of the safety of your organization and go the extra mile for the safety of your facilities with a system that enables you to control access to areas of your facilities effortlessly. Our access control systems can be used in both big and small facilities to ensure maximum security. With our access controls, you will no longer need to handle or worry about physical keys or get the services of expensive locksmiths. The robust and user-friendly software will provide you with complete tracking of your employees, visitors and contractors within the facility. Furthermore, you can add or delete users from your system by just pushing a few keys which will make the whole HR process much more comfortable.

Furthermore, we offer state-of-the-art intercoms and telephone systems enabling you to communicate with people before letting them in. These systems also offer seamless internal communication so you and your employees always stay in contact.

Some of the many features of our access control solutions include:

  • Easily access schedule set up for each user
  • Integrate effortlessly with Video Security System
  • Entry and exit reports for each staff in the system
  • Internal and external theft reduction
  • No need for keys

Access technologies for identification of individuals offered are:

  • Digit keypad
  • Prox cards
  • Fingerprint biometric
  • Off-site monitoring

Network Installations (Ethernet, CAT5, CAT6, Coaxial)

Want to get the best of your internet service? Depending on your internet connection, adding or extending Ethernet or coaxial cables can help you supercharge the speed and boost the coverage.

However, not every service provider knows what it’s doing, and messing with highly sensitive internet cables without expertise can cause loss of connection or even short circuits, resulting in expensive repairs.

Luckily, you’ve got KBA Technologies on your side. We offer professional coaxial and Ethernet cable installations for every kind of technology your business or home has including smart TVs, surround sound systems, computers, cameras, and access control systems to name a few.

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