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If you’re looking for faster internet, better Wi-Fi or trying to extend ethernet cable a professional ethernet connection might be the answer. KBA Technology offers local and professional ethernet and coaxial cable installations for all your technology equipment.

Network Installs Home & Business

Want to get the best of your internet service? Depending on your internet connection, adding or extending Ethernet or coaxial cables can help you supercharge the speed and boost the coverage.

However, not every service provider knows what it’s doing, and messing with highly sensitive internet cables without expertise can cause loss of connection or even short circuits, resulting in expensive repairs.

Luckily, you’ve got KBA Technologies on your side. We offer professional coaxial and Ethernet cable installations for every kind of technology your business or home has, including smart TVs, surround sound systems, computers, cameras, and access control systems, to name a few.

Ethernet Installations

No business is complete without a fast internet connection to facilitate every part of the chain of operations. From internal communication to sales calls via VoIP and using an ERP system, the internet is the most important part of every organization.

Similarly, in the era of working from home, the internet has become more important than ever. Every house needs to have a super-fast internet connection for both working and binging on Netflix.

However, if the speed is not up to the mark due to outdated or damaged Ethernet wiring, you need to do something about it before everything goes offline – an equivalent to living in a stone age.

The good news is, KBA Technologies offers all kinds of RJ45 Ethernet connections, which is the most common cabling form used for local LAN networks. We can help you design your network to be wireless, wired, or both, depending on your needs.

KBA can install any type of Ethernet connection you want with excellent wire management that won’t stay lose or show in any area of your business or home.

Coaxial Cable Installations

Best used for media, coaxial cables can be hooked up to your TVs or sound systems and create a seamless integration among all media peripherals. This type of connection is best for home theaters where you need to connect the surround sound system with TV and other devices.

We’ll conceal and manage the cables in a way that they won’t come in anyone’s way or even sight. So if you’re ready to get connected, give us a call now and set up an appointment; let’s boost your business or home’s internet speed.

Our professional electricians stay up to date with all the latest in technology. We’ve been providing excellent electrical contractor and electrical work in the South Florida area for over 10 years. Leave your technical installations to us!



KBA Technology Inc. specializes in dealing with Low Voltage Systems with a versatile team of expert technicians and engineers who are well versed in dealing with several types of low voltage systems. All of our team’s members are extremely experienced with an average practical working experience of over 10 years. Our strength lies in installing and servicing Access Control, Network Cabling, Video Surveillance, Telephone Entry, Paging, Intercom, Telephone Network, and Barrier Harm Gate Operator Systems.

We work with industry-leading brand names including Axis Communication, Hikvision, Exacqvision, Liftmaster, Linear and Aiphone to name a few. Whether it is a large-scale project or a small one, our guys are well-capable to meticulously handle both with perfection. Our team possesses the skills and expertise to design any solution to perfectly meet your needs such as integration of access control with the security camera system, intercom for the main office door, telephone entry and barrier gate operator to provide safe and convenient access to the residents or visitors of the premise.



There are a plethora of reasons why hundreds of our clients made the right choice of allowing us to serve them. To understand exactly why you need us, please look at some of our fortes below:

Cost Effective

Our core focus is to help our clients get the best quality solutions for as low cost as possible. Besides that, our experts sit with our clients and discuss all possibilities and solutions based on their needs and how they can get the highest quality at most affordable costs.


KBA promises to always be entirely honest and upright with our clients. We do not claim to be perfect, but we do claim to be the company you can trust when it comes to helping you take your business to the next level.


Achieving excellence in what we do is not an option, it’s the core working philosophy behind our organization and every member of our team firmly abides by it.

Highly Experienced

With an expert team of engineers and technicians with experience of over 10 years, you are guaranteed to have the best results.


We go above and beyond to provide our customers with the most excellent and most advanced audio, video and security solutions available in the industry.


Our technicians are fully BASA certified that ensures the meticulous installation of the audio, video and security systems in your organization.

Our phones are waiting for you to give them a ring, call us now and let’s discuss ways to further strengthen your business together.

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